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Ella started in Ladybird just before she turned 3. We were new to Dubai and a bit worried about the transition and finding the right Nursery. We did lots of research and visited several nurseries in the area. We knew right away that Ladybird was the right choice for us. The staff was very friendly and professional, the classrooms and play areas were clean and inviting. We like the Montessori setting and how they learn through play. Ella’s teachers are amazing, they see each individual and make sure they have the opportunity to reach the next level and develop their academic skills without taking away the playing and childhood a 3 year old should have. They value friendship and social skills, which makes Ladybird a warm and welcoming Nursery.

The communication between teachers and parents are also very good and the soft start in the beginning meant a lot for our little girl (and the mom) the first week at Ladybird. We get weekly newsletter so we always know what’s going on and we can see how prepared and organised the teachers are. And if there is every any issues and questions, they have a welcoming open door policy.

Ella has also been going to late class almost every day and she really enjoys it.

Since Ella was 1 she has attend two other Nurseries (in London and Norway) and despite good quality Nurseries, Ladybird is by far the best one. We are sad to see her leave, but with her experience and the development the last year we are now confident that she is ready for the “Big School”. And in a few months we can hopefully come back with our youngest daughter – no question this is our first choice!

Thank you

Kyle, Marianne and Ella