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The most difficult step for every parent is to let someone else take care of your child and send him to school. When we started looking for a school for Atharv we were sure of just one thing… has to be an extension of home…he should be comfortable and looked after just like he did at home! Though it seemed to be least demanding…we realized it was the most difficult thing to find in a school…..we were disappointed with every school we visited….until we entered Ladybird. I think the name of the school suits it perfectly… is truly a Ladybird for these little kids. Just one walk in the school….looking at the smiling faces of the staff and the children I made up my mind immediately….this is going to be Atharv’s Ladybird!

The ordeal was not over… son took a long time to settle……I only went on because of the patience shown by Mrs.Das and Mrs.Sonia and of course Ms.Marie for letting me sit in her office for hours. It took a long time but when he settled he loved coming to school and I found myself saying “Atharv if you don’t eat your food I will not send you to school” regularly, I actually felt proud each time I said it!

I don’t know what to say for Atharv’s teachers in the red class – Mrs. Das and Mrs. Sonia! All I can say is that what they have given to my son in the last few months is going to last him for life. His school memories are going to very pleasant. There has been so much change in him, he has learnt so much from them…not just academically but overall development has been phenomenal. I still remember the day Atharv came to me saying, “Mummy can you help me do this”…..for a moment I just looked at him but realized where it was coming from. Thank you very much for giving me these small pleasures; these will be treasured for life!

I am so emotional at this point of time that I can go on forever. I want to thank every one in the school for making it so pleasant and comfortable. I have always been greeted by smiling and friendly faces. I have myself worked in schools and do realize how stressful and tiresome working with such young children can be…but I have never seen any staff member even with a frown….it is highly commendable and I really appreciate all of them for this.