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How To Choose The Right Nursery For Your Child?

Choosing a nursery for your child can be a daunting experience for a first time parent.  We often get asked what to look for in selecting the right one for your child.  Below are some suggestions that will hopefully help parents in the selection process.

  • Do your research before and narrow down your choices to at least 5 nurseries that fit your curriculum choice, budget and travel convenience. Visit all as it is important to get a feel for each one. As a parent you will often have an instinct when a place feels right.
  • Take your child on the tours too and observe how he/she assimilates to the surroundings and the teaching staff. Is the atmosphere welcoming? Are the teachers warm and how are they interacting with the other children at the nursery? Is there a high staff turnover?
  • Ask about qualifications of the teachers and their curriculum plan. How do they monitor and communicate with parents on their child’s development?
  • What is the teacher to student ratio? It should comply with the ministry guidelines. This is an area that is often compromised on so make sure to spend some time discussing this.
  • Is there a full time qualified nurse available on site and what are the nurseries policies and procedures on sickness and hygiene maintenance?
  • Every nursery should have a settling in policy in place to ease separation anxiety during the settling in phase. At Ladybird Nursery, we allow our parents to stay on site and work with our teachers to smoothen the transition however long it takes.
  • A good nursery should constantly be upgrading and updating itself when it comes to best practices, curriculum development and facilities.
  • Safety of the children is paramount, is there an attendance system for the children? Security or CCTV on the premises? Fire extinguishers and appropriate exits and fire drills?
  • Finally, is the nursery established? Word of mouth is often a good indication of a reputable nursery.  Just remember, as a parent follow your instinct and you will never go wrong.

Good Luck to you and your little one!

Best Regards,
Monica Valrani
Ladybird Nurseries