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Our daughters Simone and Anushka have attended lady bird nursery right from the age of 18months upto 3years.

Their journey has been absolutely wonderful and enjoyable in all these years. All the staff and teachers are very humble, patient and extremely caring.

Ms Helen has been extremely efficient as the Head teacher , who is fully involved with the parents and has always been on her toes to address any issues .The nursery is truly amazing as they celebrate and explain the importance of every culture and their festivals which is so important in this place . They have always organized events like the sports day , International day and many more , which were done in the most perfect , well organized and absolutely enjoyed by both the parents and the children.

A big appreciation to Ms Kajal who has been a teacher to both my daughters. She is one of the most brilliant , efficient , well planned , friendly teachers I have come across. She exactly knew all the kids and worked on them so brilliantly . My daughter (Anushka ) still miss her and every morning wants to go back to lady bird nursery while she gets ready for her Big School. Thank you Ms Kajal for laying down a strong foundation for both of them. We cannot thank you enough for all your hardwork.

Ms Cindy , Ms Rosie ,Ms Emalda have been wonderful supporters and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Reji.. The school guard … a big thank you to him as he was very humble ,efficient and helpful at all times.

Thank you to all the staff of Lady Bird nursery for providing my kids the right foundation that any parents would expect.

Himani Ahuja

(Mother of Simone and Anushka)