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Dear All
I am writing this letter to share my experiences and appreciation for the great work done by all at Ladybird. Sahana joined Ladybird when she was 2 year old into the Rainbow class. Just like any toddler of her age, one had to put up with lot of resistance and crying. Special thanks to Ms Mumtaz and her team who handles the youngest children and grooms them to get used to, and enjoy the school. Within two weeks, Sahana was completely at home in the Rainbow class. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Suma who used to make Sahana every morning comfortable and play with her on her favorite swing. Ms Mumtaz encouraged me to start sending Sahana in the bus and I have no regrets in the same. She got into the discipline of going by bus and be on time for the school. Soon she moved to the Green class where she started enjoying the Montessori materials. The Montessori style of teaching allows the child to think outside the box.

But I would say that the perfect stage for her graduation from pre-nursery was at Mrs Das Red class. When she moved into the Red class, Sahana was known to be a soft spoken child. During her stay at Mrs Das class, Sahana evolved into a loud spoken and confident child. She started moving with other children. Her singing in the class became louder and audible. She learnt to write and we noted that her improvement during her stay at Red class under Mrs Das and her team was simply remarkable. The scrap book that was prepared by Mrs Das spoke for itself immensely of her passion, perseverance and commitment in every child’s development. It had photographs of Sahana doing various project work and this book had been prepared for every child in the class. I would also like to thank Ms Marie, who with her smiling face was always a comforting hold for Sahana during all the field trips and in the bus.

The numerous events initiated by the school were excellent; however, the graduation ceremony celebrated for the children finishing off the pre-nursery requires special mention.

The journey over last 1.5 years has been very enjoyable and enriching and I would like to thank the entire team at Ladybird for helping Sahana experience it. Sahana never wanted to miss a day at school and that is probably what the school has achieved in every child.

Wish you all the best at the new premises.
Hema Sankaran (Mother of Sahana Kumar)