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Habeeb was over 3 years old and he had not started talking yet. I was too apprehensive while selecting a Nursery as I was not sure whether Habeeb would be able to adjust anywhere and express himself openly. However my first visit to Ladybird filled me with confidence that this will be right place for him and the next day I admitted him. Habeeb attended just two terms in the Nursery and his world has changed.His quick settlement in the Nursery made us realize his attachment and interest towards the activities here. I have no words to express my gratitude to Mrs.Das and Mrs.Sonia for taking care of him so well.They always addressed my concerns and queries and encouraged Habeeb to do his best . Mrs.Das always gave him utmost attention and under her guidance Habeeb learnt many things very soon . He felt so comfortable in the teachers’ company that undoubtedly the Nursery had become his second home.

Habeeb started narrating with great enthusiasm every task he did every day. At Ladybird learning was always made fun. Various events in the Nursery and the field trips gave him an opportunity to imbibe knowledge about his environment easily. He gradually improved his colouring skills and learnt the concepts of phonic sounds. He has now got a placement in Delhi Private School. We were quite surprised, when we observed that he was always putting back his toys in place after playing and that was again because he had inculcated disciplinary habits enforced in his classroom.

I thank all the staff members of Ladybird in their efforts for laying down the right foundation of Education and ensuring the personality development of every child. I wish you continued success and prosperity in the coming years.