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The Bake family had the good fortune of discovering Ladybird Nursery when we first moved to Dubai in 2006. Alice joined Miss Sue and Miss Heather’s class in Jan when we moved mid year and was warmly reassured and brought immediately into the fold of the classroom. Alice had a wonderful experience and was ready for ASD that Fall.

Willem is the youngest of the family and sadly our last Ladybird student. He started at age 3 in Miss Kirsty’s Blue class and continued in his 2nd year with Miss Kirsty in Red class which has been a wonderful experience for him and his classmates. Willem has gained so much confidence, so many practical life skills and has the tools in place to start writing letters, recognising sounds while under the care of Miss Kirsty, Miss Donna & Miss Jenny. Willems enthusiasm is embraced and he is encouraged positively at all times. Miss Kirsty has been so helpful with Willem – understanding his need to be reassured, helping him become more independent.

We have had a consistently positive experience at Ladybird and we recommend the school highly to all families.

Cynthia Bake