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Clay Langdell

Ladybird has been an invigorating and rewarding experience for Clay and ourselves. The beautiful set up of the premises combined with the ever-friendly staff, set the scene for a fantastic learning environment.

Clay’s enthusiasm to get to Nursery everyday is incredible satisfying as a parent. To know there is a friendly face and a welcoming class is a relief for busy parents. Miss Tehniyat and Mss Julie-anne are so approachable. I can talk to them about anything, anytime.

We owe Clay’s successful “Big School” assessment to Ladybird Nursery. He took turns, shared and joined in circle time, this is a direct result of Miss Tehniyat & Miss Julie-anne’s teaching.

We are provided with a timetable of activities in advance and a great follow up newsletter complete with photos each week. It gives us a great insight into Clay’s week.

Ladybird’s flexible drop off and pick up times sets them apart, as does their holiday camps. What a relief to know Clay and his brother go to Camp at Ladybird with properly trained professionals that we already know. Thank you.

Iris & Andy Langdell