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The last 18 months that Cian has been attending Ladybird Nursery has seen out little Bambino grow and develop into a confident, outspoken and at time impetuous young man. We will be both sad that he has to say goodbye to his talented teaching staff and assistants, but elated that he will be starting his first year in school with such a solid foundation in life. Every day our little boy makes us laugh with stories about what has happened in Orange class throughout the course of the day. Sometimes, even going to such lengths as to make us ‘sit on our shapes’ while he sits in his chair and reads us stories, plays games, breaks into song and dance or tells us off for ‘interrupting the class’.

We cannot put into words how indebted we are to Miss Cilla and the Ladybird family for their steadfast commitment to our child’s development. In particular, Miss Nicole for having the patience and commitment to bring out the best in Cian when at times he has not had his listening ears switched on. Thank you for being such a huge influence on his life so far. He will miss immensely and will remember you for the rest of his life, no doubt. Our thanks also to Miss Hania, Miss Suni, Miss Lanka for taking such great care of Cian – from patching up his cuts and bruises to helping him with the unenviable task of potty training.

We are eternally grateful to the entire staff at Ladybird Nursery for their commitment and attitude towards the development of our son. What we learn with pleasure we never forget!

Cian’s Parents