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Rebecca’s time in Ladybird Nursery has been a lovely period of our lives.

Brian and I have seen our youngest daughter bloom from a seed to a
flower, and it is safe to say that she is now fully prepared for the
transition to “big school” thanks to the love, care and educational
attention she has received in nursery over the past two and a half
years. We hope Dubai English Speaking School is as ready for her as
she is for them.

The nursery has always felt like an extension of home, not flash, not
high maintenance, just gentle and encouraging. The class sizes are
small in comparison to other nurseries and because of that there seems
to be a far better relationship between the children and their
respective caregivers and teachers. It also makes for a far less manic
atmosphere, something that keeps the kids relaxed and ready to learn.

Rebecca has particularly loved her time with Miss Cilla, learning her
ABCs, 123s and beginners phonics through the use of the iPad. One
point to highlight. Having worked in Ladybird for over 13 years, it is
massively impressive that Miss Cilla is still enthusiastic and totally
involved with every little person that passes through the Ladybird 

Having experienced a number of nurseries in the city, I can safely say
that the Ladybird staff are some of the finest nursery school
practitioners in the city and their combination of Montessori and
other learning methods has stood our “Becka Boo” in extremely good

The nursery management team is also very hands on. Through good times
and bad, Miss Cilla, Mel and Sarah have been as nice to us as parents
as they have been to Rebecca as a student, and we would like to
sincerely thank them for that.

I can highly recommend this nursery and wish the teachers, teaching
assistants and management team all of the very best as they move into
an exciting period in the school’s development.

Brian and Deborah Scudder