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Aysha Alghafli

Ladybird Nursery was our first experience for our children for early education and for what we experience it won’t be our last.

Aysha began the year with fear toward going to Nursery, but thanks for the amazing environment and joyful staff, she overcame this fear with early morning demand to attend her class at Ladybird Nursery. We were so delighted to hear from her everyday about the friends she has in her class and what she enjoyed doing during class.

What made us so happy as parents and feeling the satisfaction of choosing Ladybird Nursery was our daughter’s attitude, speeding the adoption of the ability to share and to be a very confident talker. Also we were amazed by how the teachers taught her to be polite in her requests, and how she became very attached to the stories given by the Nursery with big demand to be read at bed time.

The best part is that every time we pass by the Nursery she screams out that this is her school, she recognizes the location as it’s a very important part of her life, also where when we drive long distances she starts to sing her Nursery songs for us, which add joy to us every time.

We would like to send special thanks and great appreciation to Miss Andrea and Miss Donna and would like to thank the management of Ladybird Nursery for all your support provided during this year.

We will miss all of you and hope we will see you soon.

Mohammed & Najla AlGhafli