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I first found about Ladybird Nursery from friends who gave me an excellent report. I took a tour and it felt cozy and had a homely environment. The Teachers and the Principal gave me the right vibe to pick Ladybird.

Bambino was a fantastic experience in Ladybird. Graduating to the Blue Class. I witnessed the teachers work hard to nourish and blossom Avanca’s growing up experience.

My experience with the Blue Class with Miss Hayley (the captain of the ship), Cathy-Anne, Miss Karen and Miss Razana, has always been delightful.

I have seen Avanca cross her hurdles with listening, writing, counting etc. with ease. Miss Hayley gave me a lot of tips and helped me understand Avanca’s needs and how to manage her strong personality. With Miss Hayley’s help potty training has been easy. Her listening abilities have improved. Her motor skills have developed because of all the Montessori exercises. She writes on dotted lines, and counts better which you have taught her well.

I feel very blessed to have a mentor like Miss Hayley for Avanca.
A big thank you for this lovely experience:
The Love with which you teach and nurture,
The guidance to overcome hurdles with ease,
The Care with which you have handled my child.
God Bless Miss Hayley, Miss Cathy-Ann, Miss Karen and Miss Razana.