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Our daughter Aurelia has attended Ladybird nursery for 2 full school years, from Summer 2013 to Summer 2015.

We couldn’t be happier with her journey at Ladybird Nursery. When she started, just shy of 2 years old, she was one of the youngest in the class, and now at 3.5 years old, she is one of the oldest ones. The Montessori approach to having multiple ages in the same class works very well – firstly she could pick up things from the older kids, and later on she could help some of the younger kids with tasks and exercises. Aurelia has used her ease with different age groups children and adults outside of the nursery and can plan well with kids from neighborhood of all ages. It has also helped her to develop nurturing skills, which we see now with her newborn sister.

Aurelia was able to stay with the same teacher for her whole time at Ladybird, with whom she built a strong bond. Likewise with the class helpers – they are life savers. We think her bond with her teacher and the helpers is the exact preparation for going onto primary school as she understand and is comfortable with taking direction and instruction from a teacher.

Over the 2 years she learned so many things: from counting and reading letters to how to approach puzzles and the concept of recycling. Her vocabulary amazes us on a daily basis. Best of all are the practical life skills she has learned: from the concept of a library and the responsibility of ‘borrowing’ something to show and tell, which taught her communicate not just fact about something but also help make choices and decide her opinions about that object. We have learned also that she likes and is interested in the creative arts – from painting, cutting and pasting, coloring, and yoga. The range of activities has helped Aurelia begin to find the things that she has a knack for and which we can now continue to help her develop and encourage.

The facilities at ladybird are excellent and unpretentious – it is a cozy and calm atmosphere that reassured us that children at such a delicate age would not be overly or negatively stimulated. Aurelia also found the special activities every term, ranging from School excursions to Class performances to National Day activities, great fun.

Overall we are extremely happy we choose Ladybird for Aurelia – it was a great fit.