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Arsham Meerlabbai

Ahhhh!!!! How do we start….. There are so much to say about Ladybird Nursery….. Being parents of Arsham, We are proud that we had made the right decision to choose Ladybird Nursery.

Let us first “THANK” from bottom of my heart to the Management, the Teachers, The Assistant Teachers, Nannies, The Security Guards and the Driver ….

Arsham had spent almost two years in Ladybird Nursery, initially he was hesitant to go every morning, but when days passed he started to show interest to go and sometime even gets ready to go on weekend.

All this credit goes to his teachers, Miss Andrea, Miss Donna and his nanny Miss Suni/Miss Jenny who had supported and shown care for him all this year. You all helped him get organized, and brought interest in him to learn and always motivated him in all aspects.

You guys are doing a wonderful job and we appreciate all your efforts, patience and ability on making Ladybird Nursery a place of education, activities and advanced classrooms, with such beautiful and knowledgeable products inside the classroom.

Arsham has spent two beautiful years in Ladybird Nursery which he will cherish all his life, that he has started his education with such a lovely management and professional tutors. He is now mature, confident and ready to explore for his new “BIG SCHOOL”.

We once again like to thank from bottom of our heart Miss Andrea, Miss Donna for having such patience on handling all children in FS1 class at Ladybird Nursery. We thank you for all your support and for being an outstanding facility.

We would also like to thank Miss Suni/Miss Jenny who was always alert and kept an eye on Arsham always. We would also thank Driver Imran who picks and drops Arsham safely during his tenure.

Last but not least… Miss Cilla a kind and professional Principal who manages Ladybird Nursery with wonderful Management Team. A BIG thank you for all the work which you are doing at the Nursery.

We wish you all the very best and keep up the wonderful work.


Anas, Asma & Amra