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Our triplets started their schooling in 2013 just a few months after moving to Dubai. It was a very big decision for us to find a perfect Nursery as the first institute of our children’s life for their strong base in life.

After researching several Nurseries we found Ladybird Nursery that answered all our questions and had everything that we were looking for. It took our kids no time to feel comfortable in the Nursery. We feel very satisfied about our kids learning and development within the Ladybird Nursery.

The staff is really friendly, well learnt, helpful and approachable. We have a very nice relationship with the staff. They recognise our children’s achievements and encourage them in the areas they need more focus and can benefit. The staff informs and involves all the parents all throughout. Most of all our kids really love their teachers and enjoy going to the Nursery every morning.

The Principal Miss Cilla and the Registrars Mel and Sarah are doing an amazing job by making sure that everything is convenient and helpful all around the Nursery for the students, parents and the staff.

Our children have come along away in these years especially in the Red Class (FS1) they have learnt a lot and have developed great confidence in them by being able to do so much ahead of their age. As parents we are very satisfied and happy and are very impressed by the system of the Ladybird Nursery.

The Nursery is very clean and hygienic and of course the children’s health and safety is very important to the Ladybird Nursery and have all the facilities for any emergency that might come up.

We would also mention about the clinic at the Nursery. They take the time to monitor all the kids’ health every month and have an amazing Nursing staff led by Miss Hania.

The activities all throughout the year are very useful and kids really enjoy them. The art and creativity is over the top and just brilliant in what the children are exposed to.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone including the staff and also the other parents to make the journey of the Ladybird Nursery so nice and it really feels like a big family.

Above anything else we would especially thank Ms Andrea, Ms Donna, Ms Chandani for being the perfect teachers and we could never have asked for any better.

We recommend the Ladybird Nursery to anyone who is looking for an excellent Nursery for their kids. We feel proud that our kids are leaving for the big school as very polished kids.

We genuinely appreciate your hard work. Thank you very much.


Anita and Adil