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Ladybird was a great choice for my 2 kids nothing could’ve been better. Adam joined back in 2010 gained solid foundation and went to the big school with confidence and now it’s Zein’s last term before joining his FS1 stage and I wonder if he will be as excited as going to Ladybird every morning? He loves being there!

No words can express how thankful I am for a wonderful and safe 3.5years of our life, starting the moment I met with Mel and how encouraging it was to register Adam moving to experiencing great attention from Miss Cilla even to Adam’s eating habits and how creative solutions she came up with.

The effort by Miss Nicole for Adam to settle down and the great progress in Zein’s and Adam’s discipline, behavior, learning’s by Miss Hayley and the Blue Class team.

Zein had grown emotionally and socially as well as academically impressively.

I also have to thank Ms Cilla for maintaining a great support team that both my kids and I loved and felt comfortable to.

We will sure miss seeing the lovely cheerful Ladybird Team every morning.

I wish Ladybird team all the best!

Amna Khalil (Adam & Zein’s mom)