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Amber Kidd

Ladybird Nursery was the first and only Nursery I looked at and enrolled Amber in straight away. The staff and Miss Cilla (Principal) have made it so welcoming and warm. Amber joined Bambino’s at 1.5yrs old and has loved every day with all her friends and teachers.

Her favourite days are with Miss Ochi (Jumeirah Music) and Miss Amanda (dance movement program) as she loves the singing and dance/movement class. She’s even taught us songs! Every day Amber comes home telling us what she’s done and learned that day. Sitting, reading us stories as Ms Nicole does. Ms Nicole, Ms Ingrid, Ms Chandni and Ms Suni have been amazing. After a rough start to the year all have helped Amber settle in so much, that every day Amber asks if it is a “Nursery” day increasing her week days from 3-5 days J.

Thank you to all involved, all have been brilliant and have done so much for Amber. It will be very sad and emotional when we have to say goodbye. Ms Cilla is the best Principal a parent could wish for!

Amber, Leigh & Rod