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Choosing the right Nursery is such an important decision as a parent, I truly cannot give enough praise for the entire team at Ladybird led by Miss Cilla, and every single day makes me so glad I chose Ladybird. Miss Nicole and her team work alongside me every day as a parent, to help Georgina bring out the best in her. Taking her from a toddler to a young lady ready for School.

During the challenging periods where Georgina was testing boundaries, the team work with you, allowing your child to be an individual, creative, curious and respectful of others.

The amount and variety of activities is wonderful, and it is such a welcoming environment with a long seeming team who all know your children – from Kumar on the gate to everyone they interact with. What I love about Ladybird is that whilst it has fantastic facilities, it isn’t that, that makes it unique, it’s the quality of the staff, the caring environment, and their expertise of bringing out the best in children which makes it hard for others to replicate. Most importantly Georgina (and now Bea) loves it.

Thank you Miss Cilla, Miss Nicole, Hania, Lenka, Suni, Miss Rita and team, Mel, Sarah and the whole team that welcome us into the Ladybird family.

Ailsa Pollard