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Adam Basrai

Adam started the Nursery one year back. Before enrolling him at “Ladybird” I was very worried for him, because his mannerisms were of a very angry young boy. Two weeks in, and all my fears went away, and after a month he was a changed boy. Miss Tehniyat and Miss Julieanne took special care of my boy, and what he is now I owe it to them. In Miss Tehniyat’s words “Adam is very sensible”, and that he has become, thank you sincerely Miss Tehniyat and Miss Julieanne.

Personally, I am very disappointed that Adam only spent a year at Ladybird Nursery. I wish I had sent him a year earlier. Adam has been very happy at the Nursery, and so have I. Thank you for looking after my son and providing him an environment of love and laughter.

We will miss the Nursery and its staff!!