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Matteo has had a very amazing, enlightening and interesting, fun-filled year at Ladybird Nursery. We feel very indebted to the loving family aka staff at Ladybird Nursery for all the cherished moments and love and patience.

Matteo joined Ladybird Nursery @ 2.5years old in September 2014. From then till now, we have seen an amazing transformation in him. Though he missed out on three months of school, during our stay away from school, he spoke so fondly of Ms Nicole, Ms Hania, Ms Lenka and Ms Suni. We are truly touched.

We have been able to remark that he counts fluently from 1-10 in Arabic, he sings a lot of songs, he speaks about finding a shape and sitting on it. He enjoys the bikes and paddling pool days so much and keeps ranting about it on our way back home from school. He loves the Montessori activities and we see a lot of improvement from the time he joined till now.

Having been former parents at Ladybird Nursery from when our older son Darryl was there, we were very assured that this environment/institution was the right place for our lil’ Matt. We have watched him grow out of pull-ups, improved on his speech and social skills. He has made a lot of friends whom he has become very fond of eg: Cian, Zaaydan, Riad, Georgina, Anika, Ummikaa, Remy, Scarlett etc

We would miss you all especially as Matty would be going to “Big School” next September 2015 and we pray that he will have an easy and smooth transition into FS1 at GWPS.

We are very grateful and for that, we want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to Miss Cilla our lovely Headmistress, Ms Nicole, Ms Hania, Ms Lenka and Miss Suni and the rest of the fantastic and enthusiastic team of staff at Ladybird Nursery including the music teacher, Mr Kumar who always welcomes us and says goodbye to Matteo in a very polite civil manner. We believe you all are an amazing team and together have contributed in helping our kids fee and become the grown, confident and happy kids they are today. We also believe it has helped them build a very firm foundation to prepare them as they go out into the world. How time flies. We would continue to stay in touch, and would recommend your Nursery anytime we get the opportunity to do so.

On behalf of Matteo, and our family, we want to say thank you so much for this special experience and we hope to do so again in the future with our little one.

Lots of love

Achile, Julienne, Darryl, Matteo and Zara