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Teaching Self-Sufficient Skills at an Early Age

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As parents, we like to pamper our kids with love and attention. Although this setup has its advantages, too much of it can potentially damage your child’s developing independence. At a certain age, children need to learn skills that would make them less reliant to their parents.

Instilling self-reliance is constant work and should be done at a stage where a child’s brain is enthusiastically ready to absorb information. Here are some character building skills that parents can introduce to their children and toddlers:

  • Listening

Parents find it hard to keep their children to sit still and listen, especially at a stage where they like to explore and play. But when they are about to start school, it is important for children to learn how to listen to figures of authorities (e.g. parents and teachers) and follow instructions so they will be able to accomplish every task that is given to them. Training your child to listen to you whenever you are explaining something would help them to pay attention at class and when they are in a conversation.

  • Social readiness

Academic standing and grades are important factors in determining a child’s milestone, but so does social readiness. When they go to school, it is essential they are able to connect with other children and make friends. It would be easier for your child to adjust in a new environment other than your home. Taking them to regular playdates and going for group activities would enable them to meet new kids and widen their connection.

  • Discernment

A child’s mind is very fragile, especially where they are still learning new things and their mind is absorbing a lot of information. It is hard for them to decide whether the information handed to them is good or bad. It will be helpful for parents to teach their children to discern for themselves, especially when they are not around. You need to ensure that they are aware of the consequences of their actions and always proceed with caution. This would help them to be more careful when making a decision. As simple as explaining the outcome of their actions would help them realize whether what they are doing would benefit them and the people around them.

  • Problem-solving skills

At some point, your child would encounter challenges in school and they need to use their wits to resolve them. Educating them the basics of critical thinking would enable them to be creative on overcoming challenges and obstacles in school and later in life. At a young age, train their minds to solve puzzles and give them brain-picking challenges that will allow them to use their intellect and creativity.

Remember that your little one’s world is expanding and it would be best to help them prepare for the world ahead.

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