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Kids and food: Top 4 tips for parents to encourage healthy eating

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There is nothing wrong with parents at times having trouble understanding what it means to eat healthy, thanks to the countless food fads going around these days. But the good news is that raising healthy kids in no way requires you to acquire a degree in nutrition. Given below are a few basic guidelines that are surely going to prove helpful in encouraging your children to maintain a healthy weight by eating right:

Take control of the supply line

It is extremely important for you, as a parent, to take control of things and decide what foods are to be bought and when they are to be served. Yes, your children will pester you every now and then for foods that are less nutritional, but you must take charge of deciding which foods you wish to stock at home. Don’t worry about your children going hungry as they will eat what’s available in the fridge. Just buy their favorite snack every once in a while to ensure that they aren’t feeling deprived.

Don’t enforce the ‘clean plate’ routine

It is vital for you to allow your kids to stop eating the moment they feel full. A majority of parents out there have a habit of enforcing the clean-plate rule. What they don’t know is that this particular approach forces kids to neglect what their body is telling them. Your kids are less likely to overeat when they respond to their bodies’ feeling of fullness.

Let kids choose what they want to eat from the foods you offer

You must let your children have at least some say in the matter. As such, it is best for you to schedule regular snack and meal times. During these times, you should offer a selection of food items and snacks, but allow them to choose what they want to eat and how much of it they want. While this might seem like a bit too much of freedom, this brings us back to the first point – they will be picking what they want to eat from what you have served to them.

Let them try something new

There is a general perception that children only like to eat pizzas, hot dogs, burgers and mac and cheese. This isn’t really true. When you eat out, it is highly recommended for you to let your children try new foods. Believe it or not, there is a good chance that their willingness to experiment might leave you surprised.

Apart from that, you must be a role model for your children by eating healthy yourself. Your success in teaching good eating habits to your children requires you to be the best example for them, so make sure that you also choose nutritious snacks and don’t skip meals.

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