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Alexandre Comina

I will always remember this amazing feeling of reassurance when I entered Ladybird Nursery. I was amazed to meet so many dedicated, passionate people as I was so afraid to leave my then 11mth old baby Alex, very precious little one, my one and only. Ms Hania was so kind, lovable and patient with Alex and I.

See him growing into such an independent, strong yet sensible human being thanks to everyone Ms Angelyn, Ms Beth, Ms Dianne, Ms Hayley, Ms Jeannie, Ms Jenny and much more and Sarah and Ms Cilla! Thank you for being part of our son’s first 3 years of life and helping him turn into a fine, young man ready for the BIG SCHOOL! Probably more than his mum! Please don’t mind me if I keep coming from time to time to say hello as all of you will be GREATLY MISSED!

Thank you again for Everything!

Warm regards

Simon, Leonore & Alexandre

April 2018