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4 Reading Materials That Teach Good Manners to Children

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It is at home that children learn their first words and the parents are considered their first teachers. But sometimes we devote too much time refining the academic standing of our children that we forget to teach them the value of good behavior.

Honing a child to be a well-mannered individual does not happen overnight. In fact, it requires continuous effort to remind them to behave on all occasions. And apart from constant reminders, you need some form of literature to help them gain more appreciation on the importance of practicing proper etiquette and decorum at all times.

Below is the list of books that we share with the children to subtly teach them the tenets of good manners and etiquette:

  • Llama Llama Mad at Mama

It is understandable for some kids to demonstrate some crankiness in some occasions. But if the tantrums are becoming a bother for quite some time, sharing this book would definitely give your child some insights about controlling their anger and emotions. Llama Llama Mad is a story written by Anna Dewdney narrates how a patient mother teaches her child the importance of cooperation and being polite.

  • Tea for Ruby

Sarah Fergusson, the Duchess of York, provides parents a valuable learning material to help children understand why practicing good manners is essential. The story revolves around Ruby, a stubborn little girl who has problems with manners. But getting an invitation from the Queen will change Ruby’s perspective about practicing proper etiquette and good manners.

  • Five Nice Mice

If your child likes music, this book would certainly interest him or her. Created by Chisato Tashiro, Five Nice Mice is about a group of talented mice who plans to beat their competition by working on a great concerto. Once they achieved success, they realize that it would be best to share their talents to make people happy than to keep a grudge. Well-written and well-illustrated, this reading material can help teach the kids to be kind to others as well.

  • Duck and Goose

If your child is having a conflict with a friend, the story of the Duck and Goose might help enlighten their situation. The story revolves around two friends, a duck and a goose, who fought over a giant egg, claiming ownership. In the end, the two realize that what they are fighting for is not an egg but rather a giant ball. Both reconcile their differences and have fun playing with their new toy.

Having these materials would certainly help parents teach children to act on their best behavior at all times. But reading alone these delightful stories would not suffice. Parents need to lay out the foundation to ensure that their children practice good manners at home and in school. Paying attention to their behavioral patterns and continuous supervision would help polish their manners.

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